Now Hiring: Social Media Specialist

SMG Advertising + Film, a fast-paced advertising agency and production studio is looking for a forward-thinking, innovative social media specialist to join the team. 

Who we are: SMG specializes in the creative side of the advertising and content world. We’re the idea people. We dream up ad campaigns in our sleep (yes, really) and we spend our days looking for ways to simply produce better content for the world to enjoy. We make commercials, short digital videos, and feature-length films and documentaries. We are the voice behind the social media curtain for some of the region’s most recognizable brands, and we take immense pride in our ability to craft a social persona for our clients.  Our agency has two main focuses: digital content and film+photo production; they often intertwine. 

What we’re looking for: We’re looking for someone who can churn out memes and make it look easy. Someone who can write effective copy that adheres to brand standards while delivering the message in an engaging manner. Someone who can juggle multiple social media personas at once, which includes the attention to detail which is imperative to a position like this one.

This is not a remote position. Time in the office is imperative to our success as an agency. 

Position Requirements: 

  • Experience running multiple social media brand accounts 
  • A firm understanding of all current social media platforms and their best practices 
  • Experience implementing data-driven paid digital advertising campaigns (please provide case studies) 
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop 
  • Strong writing ability 

We would love for you to have some experience or interest in any of these areas: 

  • Wordpress development 
  • Photography 
  • Video editing 

For consideration, please email SMG’s Operations Director, Courtney Rawlins, at