New Team Headshots for Parker’s Kitchen

Our longtime client, Parker’s Kitchen, had some new team members join their family recently, so we came out to their home office in downtown Savannah to create new headshots for their new hires. 

While we love to create dramatic photos in our studio, we also enjoy working with Savannah’s beautiful natural morning light. The Parker’s home office is situated in the heart of downtown Savannah on Chippewa Square. This gives us an incredibly beautiful spot to create content right outside their front door.

We varied the background slightly for each person, but they’re all consistent in terms of colors and lighting. We posed them with the 8:00 AM sunlight just behind their right shoulders, and held a large reflector in front of them and slightly to their left to bounce the strong sunlight back on their faces. This created a beautiful backlit glow while also illuminating their faces. 

In a few shots we caught a minor lens flare, but with some simple editing we were able to pull most of it out. Sometimes a light artifact can work for you, not against you, and in this case we felt like it added instead of detracted. 

The bright sunlight in the square was a little too much for some of our subjects. We took another set of photos on the sidewalk right outside the office where the light was a little softer. 

In Photoshop we cooled down the green tones and darkened them a bit. We also dropped the image texture, but boosted clarity which softened skin and hair, but kept the image interesting. 

Most of the new hires within Parker’s are millennials in their twenties and thirties, so we wanted their headshots to reflect the modernization of this iconic company.