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where to buy Lyrica cream In a world where brands are constantly fighting for attention, we command it.

If it delivers a message, we do it. And we do it all in house. 

SMG has been serving Savannah’s creative needs for 10 years, and we are excited about what the future holds. Working with clients like Parker’s Convenience Stores, Optim Healthcare, Savannah Quarters, Speedbourne Racing, fulfillment.com, and more, we have amassed experience and proven results across a variety of industries and media platforms. Winning multiple convenience store industry awards for our work with Parker’s, and Best Advertising Agency by the readers of Savannah Morning News, lets us know that we’re on the right track to best serving our clients.

Through the years we’ve assembled a creative dream team made up of some of the best and brightest creative and analytical minds in the south. Working out of our film studio and creative office are filmmakers, writers, photographers, graphic artists, website designers and developers, ideation specialists, and social media experts. We work together to bring our clients’ brands to life, set them apart from their competitors, and grow their bottom line.

Our services are vast because we believe that this is what it takes to create a cohesive brand image for our clients. From creating engaging and visually stunning video content to brand photographs that stop you in our tracks, we’ve got a firm grasp on how to get the attention of a consumer. 

We can work on a full service, all-encompassing marketing approach for a brand, or simply fill in the creative gaps where needed with photo, video, advertising, or writing. 


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Your brand is incredible. Our photos show it off.

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cheapest place to buy viagra uk We aren’t your average agency.

Stafford Media Group was born from the idea that creativity flourishes in a group setting. That’s why we’re situated in a state of the art film studio and creative co-working space so that our team can share ideas and collaborate on projects. When all the creative elements of a campaign are created by the same team, the resulting work is simply better. We thrive on cohesiveness, continuity, and community.

Our wide range of creative services allow us to find unique ways to reach our clients’ customers through multiple platforms as they move through their day. Our goal is for your customer to receive messaging from you several times each day through a mixture of social media, digital, print, overhead, and television/OTT media placement. Because we handle all creative in house, the imaging and messaging across all platforms is complimentary and consistent. You know what that means? People remember you.