Our 2020 Advertising Bowl Roundup

The Big Game week is when the top global agencies flex the hardest and drop their best and brightest work of the year. They’re fighting just as hard for the top spot as the players on the field. As advertisers, we look forward to the ad battle all year.

The 2020 Super Bowl was an exciting evening from start to finish. Before kickoff we were treated to two moving patriotic performances by Demi Lovato and gospel superstar Yolanda Adams, who sang The National Anthem and America the Beautiful, respectively. During halftime Shakira (*Shakira Shakira*) and Jennifer Lopez brought down the house in the most Miami way possible. Punctuated with 4 quarters of really excellent football, it was a fabulous show all around.

But we’re here for the ads.

We’re each breaking down our favorite spots of the evening, starting with Brett.

Brett’s Picks (all four of them)

1. Microsoft: “Be the one Katie Sowers” I thought it was shot and edited well. Good message for the next generation of girls that want to get into fields previously dominated by men. It’s promising that a tech company pointed this out.

2. Porsche: “The Heist” I really like Porsches, and this made their new electric model and the rest of the lineup seem really fun if their own employees are doing dangerous and illegal things to drive them.

3. Snickers: “Fix the World” The song lyrics were pretty funny. Maybe the world is just hangry, and feeding it a snickers would help? It would work for me.

4. Jeep: “Groundhog Day” Groundhog Day is one of my top ten films, and Bill Murray is one of my favorite comedians/actors. They could have lazily walked through this idea, but it felt like Bill was into it and it felt like an extension of that universe. Shout out to Stephen Tobowlosky, one of the all time great character actors for his reprisal of Ned Ryerson.
Courtney’s Pick

Google: “Loretta” Google managed to capture the love and emotion in the opening scene of Up in a commercial. From the simple instrumental of Say Something in the background, to the raw emotion in the voice actor’s delivery, it hit us right in our hearts.
Jillian’s Pick

Mountain Dew Zero: “As Good As The Original” Okay I love horror films and I love Bryan Cranston, so this was a natural pick for me. Bryan’s acting is incredible, even in a soft drink commercial. Their take on The Shining was amazing. Tracy Ellis Ross was perfection, too. The waves of green Mountain Dew at the end took it home. I know this wasn’t everyone’s favorite, but it was mine.
Honorable Mention:

Cheetos “Can’t Touch This” This is funny and relatable. Plus they got MC Hammer out of retirement. And the picnic blanket turned into his signature hammer pants. What more could you ask for?

Coca-Cola Energy “Show Up” We’re a little biased because we have a connection to one of the genius minds who helped bring this spot to fruition, but it’s so, so relatable! From the temptation to bail on plans when you’re comfortably at home to the anticipation of seeing the 3 dots during a text conversation, it’s something we’ve all experienced. Martin Scorsese and Jonah Hill portrayed it beautifully.
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