Behind the Scenes: Mike Hostilo for Keep Savannah Clean

We love working with the Keep Savannah Clean campaign. It gives us the unique opportunity to film fun spots with some of Savannah’s most notorious residents. This week it meant we paid a visit to the one and only Mike Hostilo.

We’ve worked with Mike a lot over the last several years, so we already had a professional relationship with him. But this time it was for a fun PSA.

Mike is a natural on camera, and we knocked this out in 2 takes. We shot the dialogue portion in the conference room at their Abercorn and Derenne office. Then we headed outside to get some footage of Mike picking up litter, which is a common problem in that area. It was the quintessential run and gun in the direct afternoon sun. To combat the crazy 4:30 PM light, we filmed mostly in the shade of the building, or used a big bright reflector to bounce some of the light back onto him.

Gear We Used: 

Dialogue Shot:
Camera – RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 Dragon-X
Lens – Rokinon 35mm cine lens
Lights – 2 LED panels with soft boxes 
Audio – RODE wireless lav with Zoom H4n

B-Roll Footage:
Camera – Sony A7R iv 
Gimbal – DJI Ronin-SC
Reflector – It’s big and bright and so old the name has worn off